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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this blog?

My intention for this blog is to just release my thoughts. I recently have been developing pain in my hand when I journal, so this was the alternative solution. Writing has always been a way for me to organize my thoughts and feelings, to work through life's questions. At first, I was terrified to make my personal thoughts that I write in my private journal public, however, the more I thought of it, the more I realized this was what God was calling me to do. Because I am NOT perfect. Because I do understand the doubt of an atheist, I do get where it is so hard to believe, but yet, I choose to believe. Every. Single. Day.

Where did the blog's name come from?

mustard seed + coffee. In my opinion, there was no other name more perfect for this blog for the near fact I feel God has put the name "Mustard Seed" on my heart for some time now. I kept thinking it was suppose to be the new name of my photography business, but it never seemed right, and then I found it was already taken lol. "SO WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME LORD?" came to mind a few times. And finally, when I kept trying to journal and kept getting cut short because of the pain in my hand, it dawned on me what I was suppose to do: make a blog and call it "Mustard Seed something". Use that verse as the base concept for the blog. And well my life isn't complete with out my daily favorite drink ever, coffee! Honestly, I'd just prefer to have my coffee inserted in my vein, but that's frowned upon. Now welcome to, mustard seed+coffee.

Are you really a #metoo survivor?

Oh yeah! And my journey to cope with that fact (multiple times) is an emotional rollercoaster that I survived. I own those mountains of abuse! I am the warrior that stands above them with my head held high knowing my choices were mostly horrible and I took the very long route, but I ended up where God intended me to be, and I honestly wouldn't change a thing now. Even the abuse. Would I prefer it didn't have to have happened for me to end up here, OF COURSE! Bless my young and confused little heart during those times of my life and all through till today, however, if there wasn't a guaruntee I would end up right here, where I am this very second, no way would I change a thing. I just wish sometimes I could had told that scared little girl how beautiful she was and how beauitful her life would eventually turn out to be regardless of all the pain. That the pain was a terrible rough mountain to endure, but my gosh the view at the top is amazing!

Are you a "Jesus freak"?

You're darn right I am! Title it however you see fit, but I am a daughter of the one true king. It has taken me so long to get here to say that proudly, but I finally mean it and not embarrassed to say it. I AM A DAUGHTER OF THE ONE TRUE KING. And you my visiting friend, are too, a daughter/son (child) of the One True King as well! Just accept it, and watch your life transform. I hope you enjoy this blog.

One more thing from the blogger...

I am human, and this blog isn't about me being the perfect follower of Christ. Checking all the boxes and saying "I am so good because I do these things". No, it is about being an honest human, a sinner, a doubter, a failure at times. It is about being honest about who I am as a sinner and a doubter, who questions if some things should be considered more as a metaphor than a true story. However, I still choose to believe... I still choose at the end of every day to believe in my (our) Father. To believe in His love for me and all my imperfections. To believe in His forgiveness. The point of this blog is to put God first in my life and to make sure I am constantly studying His word, and leading my heart closer to Him and His Word every single day. This blog will also throw in every day life in the mix of it all. My views and life as a mother, wife and photographer running a small town business and just trying to survive it all while also trying to get my butt back in shape and eating better to not have to worry about diabetes at this stage of my life. Thank you so much for visiting. I hope you love what you read, and extend grace upon me as I journey through this new adventure.

Can I tell you you're wrong?

Of course! PLEASE SHARE YOUR VIEWS WITH ME! All I ask is you remember to always be kind in your delivery, and I will too. I am a person who loves to hear other people's perspectives, even if I don't neccessarily agree with your opinion. I still want to hear it! However, I will never tolerate ANY type of hate speech/opinions. I would prefer you go elsewhere to share those opinions because they will be deleted from my platform.